Haley Consulting Group LLC is a Management Consultancy that also provides Interim Management and Management Recruiting services.

We specialize in helping our clients develop and execute world-class customer strategies that optimize and enhance their customer interactions to drive material improvement in financial performance, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Haley Consulting Group LLC

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With particularly strong experience in Healthcare and Financial Services, but operating across the breadth of industries, HCG has the analytic rigor, discipline, and experiences of a large consultancy, but utilizes the creativity and nimble environment of a small firm and the flexibility it gives us to better serve our clients.  Our structure means that we can work successfully with a range of clients from large, established companies to smaller, newly formed ventures and start-ups. 

HCG delivers value to its clients through three, interrelated service delivery models:

Management Consulting:  Traditional consulting services from strategy through implementation management

Interim Management:  Individual managers hired over finite, but longer periods of time

Management Recruiting:  A consult-to-hire model offers risk-free recruiting at significantly reduced placement fees.  Clients can also select a direct-to-hire model as they desire.

Management Consulting: 
HCG consultants provide services from Strategy through the "Strategy of Execution". In the latter HCG provides the strategic perspective necessary for successful implementation efforts through activities such as operating model design, roadmap development, operating strategy development, and program leadership conducted from a business perspective.

Interim Management:
Unlike most consulting firms HCG will provide upper middle and senior consultants to clients, as single resources, over long periods of time. Typically these interim management roles run 3-12 months and are often designated to oversee large projects/programs or even company functions in cases where a company manager must go on a long hiatus (e.g., maternity leave, paternity leave).

Management Recruiting:
Unlike traditional consulting firms, HCG does not restrict its clients from offering to hire HCG consultants on as employees. Rather, in cases where a client would like to make a hire, HCG serves as an executive placement service. This consult-to-hire model is very attractive to clients in two ways. First, after working 3 to 6 months as a consultant the client can be absolutely certain about the quality and fit of the candidate for hire. Second, because consulting services have been rendered, HCG charges 25% to 50% below traditional recruiting placement fees. 

If clients desire, HCG also provides direct-to-hire recruiting services similar to a traditional executive recruiter and at rates that are also very attractive by industry standards.

The Haley Consulting Group LLC does not work on retainer. When we present candidates for management recruiting opportunities we are compensated only upon successful placement.

If you would like to learn more about our unique and flexible model please email us at
info@haleycg.com or call us at 312-772-3456